Hello, #GipsyGals! This time let’s talk about every women’s favorite clothing article called tops. Yep! tops are in every woman’s closet. They make you look fabulous and are the easiest to be worn. Be it any age, shape, body type or size, depending on the need and occasion, tops always comes in handy. It’s time to raise your style quotient by knowing about the best types of tops taking the fashion industry by storm this season. It's high time you pick your favorite one and shop for the same. Revamp your wardrobe and style with these snazzy types of tops to know what suits you the best and don't forget to experiment with vibrant colors instead of basic boring colors - that's the secret to fashion. We have carefully curated 5 tops that will definitely make heads turn and will make your look your best self!

1. Cold – Shoulder Tops:

Cold shoulders are quite similar to off shoulder tops but they generally cover most of your shoulders rather than keeping them entirely bare. It’s a unique style and have gotten famous amongst all age groups. Not just that, you’ll easily spot numerous fashion bloggers and celebrities following the similar trend. It’s your call to either watch them slay or get one for yourself to make sure your closet doesn’t remain incomplete. Pair your cold-shoulder top with parallel pants or even jeans and you are good to go, as they are very easy to style!

Explore the range:

shoulder tops

2. Cropped Tops:

Cropped tops has been a pretty popular article of clothing for quite some time now. No matter the age, size or shape, cropped tops can be rocked by anyone, if worn the right way. Styling a cropped top isn’t as hard but choosing a chic cropped top is, there are many styles available out there but not all of them are as good. But don’t worry! we’ve got you, Style this beautiful knot cropped top with either pants, jeans, skirt or shorts it will look chic yet classy with any of these.

cropped tops

3. Peplum Tops:

Peplum top designs might seem like an old trend but remember nothing goes out of fashion. What comes around goes around in Fashion as trends never really go all off, they just evolve in a better way. In a similar way peplum never went out of fashion. Its flexibility shows how one can wear it for any occasion be it formal, casual or party wear. It all depends on the design and color you pick and what looks the best on you.

Peplum tops

4. Asymmetrical Top/Shirts:

Asymmetrical tops and shirts are currently quite trendy and we do not expect this to end soon as it is a favorite for so many and a must-have staple. There are various asymmetrical tops that you can buy and the truth is the diversity we see right now is so high that it is pretty impossible not to find something that will impeccably match any personal style and body shape. An asymmetrical top can transform the simple outfit into a special outfit.

Asymmetrical Top

5. Tunic Tops:

Tunics have become one of the most nifty and comfortable additions to our wardrobe. Pleasing and can be effortlessly paired with other items you own, tunics are perfect casual-wear for any modern woman. You can layer them, play with proportions and create interesting outfits. If you are in a style rut, or want to experiment, a tunic is the flawless solution. Add this beautiful animal print tunic with fun sleeves to your wardrobe now:
tunic tops

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